Prefabricated pit for railway maintenance

Intervention pit for rolling stock on railways

Adapted to all types of vehicles running on rail (train, streetcar, wagon, locomotive, TGV etc...), our prefabricated pits are pre-equipped in the factory and ready to receive your rails.

A custom design that allows us to adapt to all technical specifications.

We adapt to the rail gauge according to the type of train used in your country.

Our maintenance pits are designed as standard to withstand a load of 25 tons per axle and can, at your request, withstand higher tonnages.

fosse de réparation pour véhicule circulant sur rail
fosse d'atelier pour réparation d'engin circulant sur rail

Advantages of our prefabricated steel pit:

Whether it is for a construction project or for the creation of a bay in an existing building, our prefabricated technical pit solution (as for the garage pits dedicated to the maintenance of industrial vehicles) offers you many advantages :

The assurance of a perfect work tool delivered fully equipped and ready to use: LED lighting, striated floor and anti-slip stairs, integrated compressed air networks, rail for pit edge jack, pit bottom ventilation etc...

A pit that will allow your teams to work in optimal conditions for a better productivity.

Railway  pit cover :

Your pit can be secured with one of our pit protection systems:

>> either in flexible version (PVC sheet)

>> or in a rigid version (high resistance aluminium).

See all our solutions to secure your maintenance pits


Strict compliance with current standards:

Pits conform to the recommendations for comfort and safety at work as well as for the environment. Your workshop pit is certified 100% watertight (with a wastewater recovery system at the bottom of the pit) to avoid any risk of soil pollution and potential rising groundwater.

Major advantage : A simple and fast installation of your rails

installation de fosse de maintenance ferroviaire

Our pits will be delivered to you with holes tapped to the required diameter, ready to receive the bolts of anchoring of your rails.

>> A time of installation considerably reduced compared to a concrete pit: you will only have to bolt your rails to fix them with flags on each side of the pit

>> V aucun percement à réaliser dans la dalle : aucun risque de tomber dans le ferraillage du sol de l’atelier

Save time on the realization of your pit project:

Turnkey project management: A project manager will follow the entirety of your project and ensure its perfect management, from contracting to the delivery of your fully equipped and ready-to-use pit

Only one site meeting necessary: Your plans of pit, civil engineering and networks and detailed expectations will be communicated to you in pdf and dwg for a perfect coordination with the various participants.

Fast execution : Your fully equipped pit installed in only 1 week!