Aluminum garage pit protection 25T/m2

The most efficient pit cover on the market

Xpertive vous présente son modèle de rideau de fosse en aluminium. Une protection de fosse brevetée, conçue sur mesure et fabriquée dans nos ateliers de Neuville Sur Saône (Nord de Lyon).

Notre dispositif de couverture de fosse est la référence en matière de sécurisation de fosse d’atelier of heavy goods vehicles, buses, coaches, cars and railways.

couverture de fosse fabriquée en france
Picto véhicule Xpertive

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Why choose our pit cover?

  • Can be installed on any type of pit profile, on existing pits as well as pits under construction
  • Complies with the recommendations of the CARSAT and the NIRS, in particular with the R468 and R469.
  • Our product is CE certified by an independent control office unlike all other products available on the market which are self-certified. This is a guarantee of safety for the user and of quality in production and installation.
  • Complies with the French standard: Bag resistance test carried out by an independent control office.
  • The most resistant on the market (25T/m2): Resistance tests carried out and validated by an independent control office.
  • The most reliable thing about its his very high resistance and its simplicity of operation.
  • The least expensive in maintenance. Many parts are commercially available. A mechanic can easily do the maintenance unlike all other products on the market.
  • The least noisy

Detailed explanation of the advantages of our 25T/m2 aluminium model

Couverture de fosse conforme à la Norme Française

The French standard requires that all devices that prevent the risk of falling from the ground into a pit have passed a resistance test. The pit protection system must be able to withstand a shock of 1200 joules, i.e. a 50 kg bag dropped from a height of 2.40 m.

All our models of pit cover have been tested within the framework of the standard by an independent organization.

Compatible with all concrete pit profiles

Our model can be installed on all types of traditional concrete pits without exception. Our integrated design office will be able to propose you a customized project and our boiler making will realize the corresponding parts.

CE conformity : Anti-finger pinching

The machine directive 2006/42/CE (cf. page 25 of the machine directive) imposes that it is impossible for a user to pass his finger between a fixed element (pit edge rail) and a mobile element (pit cover) in order to avoid any risk of cutting or shearing.

That's why XPERTIVE installs all its aluminium covers with a maximum distance between rails of 5mm.

On each of the pits on which we intervene we take back the parallelism of the existing rails by installing our guides with the exact measurement thanks to spacing pins..

Comparatif couverture de fosse dalis pit cover set Xpertive

CE conformity: Anti-crushing

The machine directive 2006/42/CE, (cf. page 63 of the machine directive) also foresees the fact that it is obligatory to couple to a closing system a sensing bar or sensitive bar allowing to stop the cover in case of collision with a person or a tool.

NB: This obligation is valid only if the cover is automatically installed. It is understood by "automatic" the total opening and closing by a simple press on a button (ex: sectional door of workshop).

XPERTIVE has chosen to offer as standard on all its models the opening and closing of its pit covers by a long push on a button

This solution is much safer than the remote-control operation which allows the user to move away from the pit without ensuring that he is not endangering others.

The button solution activating a pneumatic system is much more reliable because it does not include any electronic parts, transmitters/receivers or other components that are not compatible with maintenance jobs and working conditions in pits.

However, in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers, we can offer to equip our standard solution with sensor bars or sensors:

  • On pit covers controlled by long support on a control box
  • On pit covers 100% automated by simply pressing a button

Solutions controlled by radio cells on the ground allowing to open or close the pit automatically in case of presence of vehicle and operators in the pit have been realized for the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

The most resistant on the market

Thanks to the great thickness of our blades (50 mm), its internal stiffener and female male profile coupled with a 10 mm diameter screw, the XPERTIVE 25T/m2 motorized cover model is definitely the most resistant on the market.

It is currently the only pit curtain model that allows for driving deviations when vehicles pass over the pit.

The twin wheels of a bus or a truck can sometimes bite on our pit cover without causing any damage or service.

Our customers also perform strength tests on our pit cover. Here, loads have fallen on the cover without breaking through.

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Reliability and low maintenance costs

This cover has been developed with a view to being easily maintained by its user on a daily basis. Our pneumatic motors are greased for life. Our motorization system is simple and purely derived from general mechanics.. We wanted no electrical and/or hydraulic components to be involved in its manufacture.

The simplest solutions are always the most efficient.

In case of failure, a mechanic can easily intervene and repair the cover without prior training, thus considerably reducing the duration and costs of maintenance. 

Protection fosse de garage