The Xpertive prefabricated pit and its advantages

Your fully equipped, high-end, ready-to-use garage pit

An irreproachable quality and finish

All our prefabricated garage pits are delivered fully equipped. To bring you a maximum of luminosity under the vehicle, we apply 2 layers of white epoxy paint with a lacquered finish. The steel is shot blasted and prepared before application, which provides increased longevity and resistance. They are certified 100% watertight and equipped with a manhole at the end of the pit to allow the collection of waste water with a pump to the hydrocarbon separator of your dealership.

A turnkey installation in 1 week

It takes us an average of 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture and equip your tank. Delivered with all its equipment, we will install your new work tool in only 1 week (instead of 8 weeks for a pit made of traditional concrete). You only have to deal with one person who will supervise all the design, manufacture and installation of your pit, attend the necessary site meetings, answer all your questions and manage the interactions with the other participants in your workshop construction or renovation project.

A total ergonomics of the workstation

A real work tool for the technician, it offers optimal working comfort and a totally safe and functional environment. This top-of-the-line equipment, designed for unrestricted use, is made exclusively from high-quality materials.

No maintenance costs

Unlike elevators, a mechanical pit requires no maintenance or annual regulatory inspection. It is always operational and does not involve any additional maintenance costs. It offers excellent value for money and its lifespan is much longer than that of lifting equipment. Much more than a work tool, an investment for your workshop!

Saving time on a daily basis

The pit allows for a much faster vehicle set-up. Simply position the vehicle over the pit and pull the parking brake to begin operations. You don't have to mount the vehicle on an elevator or position it properly to be lifted with mobile columns or a fixed elevator. The time (and money...) saved is considerable!

And if you need to lift your vehicle for a "hanging wheel" intervention, you will simply need to equip yourself with a pit edge jack or a pit bottom jack... your pit allows it!

Equipment of a standard Xpertive pit model

  • 2 coats of white epoxy paint on shot-blasted steel
  • 1 black anti-slip ribbed steel floor
  • 2 anti-slip galvanized steel stairs
  • The compressed air network with its quick connectors
  • Lighting (double neon tube / 1,5m long / IP65 / category 2 zone 3)
  • 1 or 2 manholes for waste water collection, depending on the length of the pit (NB: No connection to the hydrocarbon separator is necessary)
  • A rail for the 15 Tonnes pit edge jack with an end stop at each end to prevent it from hitting the stairs.
  • Reservations allowing the installation of a ventilation system at the bottom of the pit (plan to connect a fan to renew 15 to 20 times the volume of air per hour)
  • All reservations for energy connections (compressed air, electricity and distribution of new oil and evacuation of used oil)