Elevators with built-in cylinders

2 to 5 Barrel Cylinder Lift :
a high-end lifting solution for your workshop

Equip your maintenance workshop with the most efficient embedded cylinder lifts on the market , adapted to the lifting of all types of heavy vehicles, and installed on a turnkey basis.

The most efficient bridge with built-in jacks on the market

Our partner manufactures the most efficient bridge with built-in jacks system on the market. For you, it is the assurance in all respects of having the best lifting equipment for your garage: safety, ergonomics, quality of manufacture and durability. Certainly the best jacks for lifting any heavy vehicle.

A lifting solution adapted to any type of vehicle

As each jack can lift a load of 15 tons, we are able to meet all lifting requirements. From 30 tons for the 2-barrel cranes and up to 75 tons for the 5-cylinder cranes. Our shaft bridges can lift all types of industrial vehicles: trucks, buses, articulated buses, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc.


Characteristics and major advantages of our drum cranes

>> Very high-quality jacks in terms of safety, ergonomics (touch control), strength and finish

>> A manufacturing quality without equal and a real technological advance

>> A lifting solution adapted to all types of heavy vehicles : from 2 to 5 cylinders allowing to lift from 30 to 75 tons (each cylinder having a lifting capacity of 15 tons)

>> The square column drums ensure strength and stability to lift your vehicles in complete safety and can be activated individually or synchronized using the touch screen remote control.

>> The positioning of the drums can be automatically adjusted according to the type of vehicle on the bay

>> Telescopic columns which increase the lifting height (1900mm), reduce the depth of the pit (1800mm) and protect the cylinders

>> A pit cover (conveyor belt) resistant to 7 tons and cylinders that fold up completely, leaving the floor of your workshop free and ensuring perfect safety

>> A wireless remote control available in option for a better control of the ascent

>> A turnkey installation and your lifting equipment ready to use more quickly

>> Complies with the European standard EN 1493

pont élévateur à vérins encastrés haute résistance

Replace your existing pit with a stress-free drum lift

For your existing workshop, if you already have an inspection pit or if you want to create a new span, our unique installation process guarantees you a turnkey delivery of your new jack bridge in a very short time, with a global cost and a totally controlled operation.

Integrate our jack-up bridges into your construction project

For your garage under construction, we take care of the supply and installation of your lifting equipment without any intermediary. You won't have to build any invert and our quick intervention, turnkey, will be easily integrated in your construction schedule and will strictly respect your budget.

A single point of contact for the supply, installation and commissioning of your lifting equipment

Whether it is for the creation, the extension or the renovation of your maintenance workshop, you have a unique interlocutor to manage your entire project (supply of your lifting equipment, site meeting, realization of the civil engineering works, installation, commissioning and training of your personnel).

Reduce your workshop downtime to a minimum

Thanks to our unique installation process on the market, identical to that of our prefabricated steel pits, we ensure a very fast installation service without any bad surprises. The planning of our intervention will be communicated to you upstream and will be respected. You will then be able to manage at best the immobilization of your workshop during the duration of the work and to prepare its reopening.

Reduce considerably your civil engineering work and costs

The unique design of the chassis of our shaft cranes allows us to make much narrower and shallower excavations. This reduces the amount of civil engineering work to be done. In addition to that, we do not have to build an invert. The design of a concrete invert is a costly and difficult task that requires extreme precision. Its realization is complex because the invert must be perfectly smooth and level over a large length, which generates important costs which can soar in the event of a fault.

The "classic" installation of jack-up bridges in Europe :

All the players on the market offering embedded drum cranes install their solution either with a frame and a concrete "pit", or with a complete frame placed on an invert and a cassette attached from below. This type of installation involves considerable civil engineering work and costs: in particular the obligation to make a very wide and deep excavation to be able to go down into it during the installation, but above all it involves the creation of a concrete invert where the cassette of the jack bridge will be placed and fixed.

Installation by Xpertive :

You will have understood that with our solution you will reduce the scope and costs of your work, the downtime of your workshop will be reduced and you will have the most efficient lifting equipment on the market.