Aluminum maintenance pit cover 1500 kg/m2

A pedestrian pit protection for regular use

The aluminium pit safety system, made in Italy, resists to 1,5 T/m2. It is very easy to use (motorized or manual closing) and very quiet. Xpertive and its partner guarantee a perfect installation of your cover and on any type of pit

Bring your garage pit up to standard, work in safety and gain in productivity.

Une couverture de fosse piétonne pour un usage régulier

Ce rideau de fosse est composé de lames en aluminium extrudé résistant à une pression de 1500 kg/m2. Ce système permet le passage piéton et de vos outils roulants tels que servantes et transpalettes non chargés. Votre fosse est alors complètement sécurisée et vous pouvez vous déplacer dans l’atelier sans aucun danger évitant ainsi tout risque d’accident du travail.

Secure your pit easily and effortlessly

Our aluminum pit cover comes in two versions: manual and motorized.

Generally speaking, we always recommend the motorised version because it is very simple to use (via a control box), safe (because you are far from the pit) and without any constraint. The opening / closing of your pit is done by the simple press of a button (Close/Open system), you avoid any TMS (musculoskeletal disorders) and offer to your staff a real comfort of work and safety.

The simpler your security system is to set up, the more it will be used, the more secure your workshop pit will be.

We can also offer you our pit cover with a manual locking system . This version is suitable for small and infrequently used garage pits.

By means of a strap you pull or hold the cover to close your pit completely or partially. To lock the cover, the head blade is equipped with a push button on which you press with your foot to block the cover where you want it. To unlock, simply pull on the strap or the handle below the headboard.

verrouillage manuel rideau de fosse aluminum

A custom-made cover that can be installed on any type of garage pit

Our pit cover system is custom made. First, we will come to your workshop to advise you and evaluate the potential civil works to be done before the installation of your cover. We will then take a very precise measurement of your pit to produce your custom-made cover. The extruded aluminium slats will be machined according to these dimensions and we will produce the rail that will serve as a track for your protective curtain.

Our rails adapt to any type of pit pit and we always find a solution to integrate them into the angle iron. We will be able to secure your garage pit!

Minimal space requirement: storage at the end of the pit behind your stairs

The cover is folded thanks to a U-shaped plate, called a storage guide. It is positioned at the end of the pit like an accordion, or "wallet". If possible, depending on the characteristics of your pit, we will store your curtain at the back of your staircase for a minimal space requirement. The folded cover will take from 0.75 m to 1.20 m depending on the size of your pit. It is also possible to have double storage, with two independent covers allowing you to cover up to 48 m of pit (2x24m).

Couverture de fosse aluminium motorisée

As a reminder, the NIRS recommends having two accesses with full width stairs. For garage pits measuring less than 10 m and in addition to a main staircase, a fixed pit ladder will be tolerated.

Installation of your pit protection: Fast and turnkey

It takes 1 to 2 days to install depending on the size of your pit and the civil work to be done. Our teams are trained and equipped to meet all your needs and ensure a perfect installation of your equipment. Civil engineering work (cutting out corbels, breaking existing concrete stairs and replacing them with galvanized, non-slip steel stairs, small masonry work, etc.), installation, connection of pneumatic power supplies, testing and training... for a quick, turnkey installation on any type of pit!

soudure chemin de roulement pour rideau de fosse en aluminium
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