Workshop project management assistance

Are you planning a construction project or renovation of your vehicle repair workshop?

We can help you define your needs, advise you on the equipment and ergonomics of your workshop, draw up the plans for your future garage in conjunction with your building architect, determine the budget to be allocated to your project and draw up your call for tenders / consultation.

vue 3D atelier de maintenance poids lourds


Would you like to build or renovate your maintenance workshop?

Xpertive is at your disposal. We are experts in workshop creation and can work with you on all or part of your project, whether it is construction, renovation or equipment for your truck or car garage.

Our services give you a guarantee of a functional, productive, secure workshop that complies with the regulations and standards in force, and the assurance of perfect control over your budget and your schedule.

Our project management assistance service: To support you and ensure the operational efficiency of your workshop creation project .

Xpertive offers you a tailor-made study package and support for:

>> Listening to your needs, expectations, and constraints
>> Report and synthesis of your needs with equipment suggestions
>> Creation and integration of your project in its environment via drawings (2D and 3D on AutoCAD)
>> Drafting of the specifications allowing you to launch a consultation or a call for tender with a dedicated "workshop equipment" lot
>> Possibility of determining a precise budget


Why call upon an expert in workshop creation?

The construction costs represent a very important part of your investment. It is therefore essential that each square meter is optimized and finds a real function in your future activity. We check that the sales and after-sales methods and processes are considered in the infrastructure that we will elaborate on your economic projections and perspectives.

Answers to essential questions:

By asking you the right questions, we guarantee you the best possible return on investment. You save time and money during the entire construction project.

>> Are the workshop flows between the spare parts store and the customer reception relevant? Do they create unnecessary trips?
>> Is the spare parts warehouse well laid out? Does it allow an efficient storage and supply?
>> Are the external flows and parking spaces well positioned? Do they cause any inconvenience?
>> Have the constraints related to the environment and safety been taken into account?
>> Are the workstations in the workshop, and the equipment used by technicians, those you really need? Are they well arranged?
>> Have you thought about reservations for future expansions?

Choosing the right equipment for your garage:

We go even further with our offering, by helping you to precisely define the technical characteristics of the future garage equipment you will need:

• Garage pits or lifting equipment
• exhaust gas extraction system
• oil distribution
• compressed air network, and so on

Our vision of the trade and our knowledge of the market allows us to accompany you in your project in its entirety and to give you a precise visual, technical and budgetary projection of your future workshop. You will be sure to have a functional workshop, with an optimized surface combining working comfort, safety, and productivity.

You can therefore launch your call for tenders with peace of mind and more quickly, with the guarantee of a controlled budget.