Garage pits adapted to your business

Custom-made design pits for the maintenance of any vehicle


Heavy vehicle pit

In the field of heavy vehicles, working in a pit is essential. It offers an ergonomic workstation that is highly appreciated by its users and allows for an increased production rate.

Depending on the space you have in your workshop (remember that you must keep a passage of 1.5m on each side of your pit), the longer your pit, the more practical it will be. The ideal is to be able to place a complete semi-trailer and to have a workshop crossing allowing the rotation of the vehicles.
For the width, it will be necessary to count between 1.00m and 1,10m. Previously, the standard depth recommended for a pit was 1.40m. From now on, we advise and our customers often retain a depth of 1.50m or even 1.60m with a platform of elevation (+20 cm). For the equipment, of course the pit cover is mandatory and the niche is essential to store your equipment and if you have planned it, to integrate reels for the distribution of fluids in pit. Provide an oil recovery tank at the edge of the pit or at the bottom of the pit with a pneumatic pump to empty the tank into a non-buried double skinned tank. For lifting, integrate a 15 tonnes jack at the bottom or at the edge of the pit. Think of course about the ventilation at the bottom of the pit and the Exhaust Gas Suction Systems.


Pit for the maintenance of buses and coaches

As the maintenance of buses is mainly done at the rear, we can make hammer-shaped pits with a wider workshop area. In this workshop area you can easily integrate a workbench and work with comfort and safety.


Pit for the maintenance of light or commercial vehicles

The width of your pit should be 0.90m. The ground clearance being very low on light vehicles and utility vehicles, it will be necessary to adapt the depth to 1,60m. For the equipment, it will be the same as for the truck (pit cover, niche, ventilation at the bottom of the pit, collecting tray for emptying and storage tank for used oil, distribution of fluids, pit jack or lifting crossbar and exhaust gas suction)


Diagnostic pit for technical inspections of trucks and light vehicles

We make custom-made reservations adapted to the equipment manufacturers' frames to integrate all your diagnostic equipment (tachograph bench, brake bench, play plates, geometry) into your pit. Our pits can accommodate all brands because they are made to measure. We will adapt to the equipment of your supplier and can even take care of the supply of your equipment by making you benefit from the offers of our partners. 


Workshop pit for ski resorts and difficult areas

For jobs with extreme working conditions (cold, snow, use of corrosive products and so on...), we can hot-dip galvanize our pits and thus offer them a protection against corrosion. For the cover made of aluminum slats, we will use stainless steel components to ensure a better longevity to your workshop equipment.


100% custom-made garage pits

As you can see, we don't really have a standard model. All our pits are unique, custom-made from plans that we will exchange and validate together before manufacturing. We will deliver a workshop equipment 100% conform to your expectations and needs.