Lifting crossbar with 2 threaded cylinders 10 tons all pneumatic

Heavy duty pit edge jack with a lifting capacity of 20T

Thanks to its double 10T cylinders, our pit edge jack will allow you to lift all types of vehicles (trucks, buses, public works machines, etc.).

Its use is very simple and intuitive:

>> transverse movement in the chassis

>> possibility to use the cylinders simultaneously or separately with the help of regulation valves

>> pneumatic lifting and approach, forced lowering

vérin bord pour garage maintenance bus et poids lourds

TRIPLE SAFETY : Fully threaded cylinders (European exclusivity))

In addition to the hydraulic safety and the escape in case of overload, our fully threaded cylinders allow to lock a position under load with a steel ring which confers a unique MECHANICAL SAFETY .

cric bord de fosse bus et poids lourds
cric bord de fosse sécurisé

An experienced manufacturer for top of the line pit lift solutions

Our supplier manufactures 100% of its parts thanks to its dedicated machine park. A complete production line allowing us to fully control the manufacturing quality of our products.

With more than 40 years of "single product" experience and more than 2,500 pit edge jacks produced each year,the quality of these crossings is perfectly controlled.

Made to measure: thanks to its integrated design office and its specialized production tool, we can adapt our frames and our rollers to any type of pit edge (any type of rail and width).

Your parts are available for a minimum of 10 years and your equipment is guaranteed for 2 years 

vérins bord de fosse pneumatique 20 tonnes



Wide range of accessories available to configure your crossbar and meet all your constraints.

Delivered as standard with :

- Accessory holder

- Ergonomic handle for handling

- V", "Frame" and "Cup" support

- 152mm extension 


cric pour levage véhicule lourds en fosse de garage