Prefabricated steel pit

How to build your garage pit while being sure to respect the safety standards in force and equip your workshop with a perfect working tool?

With Xpertive, its very simple: you just have to present your project, tell us about your needs and give us the list of workshop equipment that you want to integrate into your pit... we take care of the rest!

Customized design of your maintenance pit

Creation of a plan to be integrated into your workshop creation project, factory production of your prefabricated steel pit, integration of all your equipment (Cover pit electricity and compressed air networks, distribution of new oils, recovery and evacuation of used oils, extraction of exhaust gases lifting solutions and diagnostic equipment).

fosse de visite préfabriquée

The prefabricated steel pit: A premium and simple solution for your workshop creation, renovation or extension

  • Your prefabricated workshop pit is installed and operational in just one week
  • Its custom-made construction is designed to meet the needs of all maintenance trades on all types of vehicles (trucks, buses, construction equipment, railways, etc.)
  • You are assured of being in perfect compliance with all standards and recommendations in force
  • You have complete control over your budget and your work schedule
  • A single contact for the manufacture, installation and equipment of your pit

Why choose to work with our steel maintenance pits?

  • A high-performance and productive work tool offering a perfect working environment: clean, bright, ergonomic and safe
  • No periodic checks, no maintenance costs and no breakdowns
  • An incomparable lifespan compared to any other lifting equipment
  • No time wasted setting up the vehicle
  • A safe and durable investment for your workshop

Our garage pits are prefabricated in the factory with very strict quality controls: each pit we design is unique and will therefore strictly conform to your needs and requirements.

fosse poids lourds sur mesure

Unlike "traditional" masonry or prefabricated concrete pits, Xpertive guarantees the turnkey installation of your fully equipped garage pit, without any outside intervention, with an incomparable quality of finish and for your project the assurance of strict compliance with your budget and your deadlines.

Made to measure to meet current standards and recommendations  R468 and R469 of the INRS for the prevention of occupational hazards, our pits ensure that you have an ergonomic, productive and safe work tool.

We act on any project: in workshop construction but also on renovation projects in existing buildings. For the replacement of your existing workshop pit or the creation of new bays, we can take action when you need it the most. From the very definition of your needs, to draw your plans, at the time of the civil engineering works and until the turnkey delivery of your workshop.