The essential tool for removing brake discs on heavy trucks

Easily and safely remove brake discs from hubs

This patented garage equipment allows you to effortlessly remove the discs from the hubs, even the most seized ones! The V Splitter is equipped with three 10T (10,000psi) cylinders. These cylinders connected in parallel and connected to a hydro-pneumatic foot pump (supplied as an option) will exert 3 points of pressure and unstick your brake discs. exercerons 3 points de pression et décollerons vos disques de freins.

Heavy duty garage equipment designed to last

Robust, the materials used are of section to resist all the daily uses. Uncompromising manufacturing with high quality materials and components. When you hold the V-Splitter in your hand, you immediately feel confident in the tool.

To use the V-Splitter, you simply position it with its ergonomic handling handles between the hub and the disc, connect the foot pump and assist the pressure of the cylinders to gradually separate the disc from the hub. Simple and efficient : Nothing can resist it!

Try the V-splitter : You will be surprised by its efficiency and the time saving you can achieve on a complete set.

outil pour retirer disques des moyeux sur véhicules lourds

The V-splitter is indispensable in truck maintenance workshops. This garage equipment was initially developed to allow vehicles equipped with Volvo discs to no longer have to cut them with a grinder to separate them from the hub.

(Here are some pictures taken in a workshop where the discs are cut with a disc grinder: Maybe you are also in this case))

Gain efficiency and safety when removing discs from hubs

All V-Splitter owners agree that their tool really improves the daily life of their mechanics by ensuring their safety and by avoiding dangerous operations such as the archaic use of a disc cutter or a sledgehammer (as shown in our video). 

We have received many testimonies from users for whom disc replacement had become a real chore. A thankless, tedious and laborious task : With the V-Splitter this operation is simplified, safer, faster and therefore much more pleasant.

Contact us for more information, to receive your personalized quote or to ask to test our solution in your workshop.

équipement de garage pour dépose et repose freins à disques poids lourds
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