Lifting jack for garage pit

A complete range of cylinders to equip your maintenance pit

Pour effectuer certaines réparations sur vos véhicules lourds (intervention sur les essieux, maintenance freinage, dépose de boite de vitesse, etc..) vous devez disposer d’un moyen de levage en fosse. Pour cela deux solutions s’offrent à vous le pit edge jackwhich will slide along your pit edge angle, or a vérin fond de fosse.

Depending on your work habits, the type of intervention you wish to perform (lifting and/or removal of a component), the depth of your pit, the presence of a storage niche or the availability of your pit edge angle which can already be used by a waste oil collection tank, your choice will naturally be oriented on one of these solutions.

Customized pit lifting solutions direct from the manufacturer 

Xpertive has a wide range of solutions to meet all your needs. We work directly with several factories that manufacture standard or customized pit lifting solutions that allow us today to respond to a large majority of the requests we receive. 

The products we have custom-made are always high-end and robust solutions that really correspond to our customers' business needs and expectations. 

Without limit, we can offer you all pit lifting solutions in manual version if your pit is not equipped with an air network or in pneumatic version for a maximum comfort and safety.

A range of jacks adapted to our pits and pit covers

We have developed this unique network of pit jack manufacturers at the request of our customers for the equipment of their prefabricated steel garage pits  but also to allow our customers who need to secure their existing pit to install nos systèmes de couvertures de fosse.

Nos couvertures de fosses en aluminium ou pvc coulissent dans un rail que nous soudons dans les cornières de fosse. Ces cornières sont souvent occupées par des vérins bord de fosse, ou des traverses de levage dont la taille des galets et du berceau ne permettent pas aux équipements de sécurisation de fosse de cohabiter. Se pose alors la question de savoir how to secure its pit and keep a means its pit edge jack? We have the solutions!

Because each pit is unique, we work with our customers, our engineering department and our manufacturers to find the lifting equipment that will best meet their productivity and safety goals.

If you encounter this problem, or for any request of supply of pit lifting equipment (pit edge jacks, pit bottom jacks or lifting beams), we invite you to present us your needs and the characteristics of your pit via our contact form.