Pit edge jacks or pit jacks

Pit jacks or Pit edge Jacks are used in a pit to lift a vehicle, whether it is a bus, coach, a truck, a trailer or a car.

They have different lifting capacities ranging from 10 tonnes to 20 tonnes in most cases. The most common is 15 tons, as European regulations prohibit vehicles with an axle weight of more than 13 tons from being driven on the road. 

Cylinders with really high capacities can also be used, especially in the railway industry where they can reach 40 T.

Before going into technical details, it is important to define the difference between a lifting crossbeam and a pit jack.

A lifting crossbeam is often composed of a very high cradle close to the ground and a lifting device made of a scissor or 2 short hydraulic cylinders (maximum length 450mm).

Crossbeams are very often used for quick operations such as braking, small maintenance, connection to the ground and in the technical control centres.

2-point lifting cross

Traverse de levage double vérin bord de fosse

Lowered jack for parts removal

cric dépose organe poids lourds

Standard 15 T jack

Technical details

No matter if it is a lifting crossbeam or a pit jack, all the products we propose today are 100% automatic.

  • 100% pneumatic quick lift.
  • Approach just before the lifting operation 100% pneumatic.
  • Forced descent by emptying the hydraulic circuit under air pressure.

Important - all the proposed models have one or more cylinders that slide laterally in the cradle, allowing the user to adjust to the best position under the vehicle and the under-shell grip.

For lifting beams, it is possible to use only one or both cylinders at the same time. The controls are separate for more flexibility.

Accessories and options