Fosse préfabriquées acier spécialement conçues pour l'installation de banc chronotachygraphes

XPERTIVE powered by CONTINENTAL VDO SIEMENS or STONERIDGE ELECTRONICS, offers fully equipped prefabricated steel pits specially designed for the installation of tachographs.

The realisation of a pit used to carry out tachograph operations requires a certain knowledge of the trade.

Depending on the type of vehicles that will be controlled on the pit, the position of the bench and the idler rollers will be different. They cannot be positioned at the beginning or end of the runway.

Even though the new dynos carry out the measurement of the wheel circumference automatically, it is still recommended in case of failure to leave the possibility of carrying it out manually with the help of a stencil and marking on tire. This condition requires that the idle rollers are at least 4.00 meters from the entrance door even if it is possible to carry out this measurement after the bench if the 4.00 meters cannot be respected at the entrance of the tachograph bay
The reservations for the integration of the bench in the pit are restrictive. The vertical load drops can exceed 20 tons. It is important that the pit structure and the concrete calculation note based on the Eurocode take this aspect and constraint into account.
We also plan and install the sheaths allowing to connect the bench to the manufacturer's control box.

Beyond the difficulty of implementation due to the positioning of the equipment of the tachograph, these pits are subject to the same standards as the mechanical pits or draining.

It is therefore mandatory to provide:

  • At the bottom of the pit is a heavy gas suction system.
  • An overhang on both sides of the pit to accommodate lighting and other accessories. It is indeed forbidden to install equipment protruding from the pit walls.
  • 450 Lux lighting under a minimum frame.
  • A watertight lining of the pit to avoid water rising and pollution of the water table.
  • Stairs on both sides of the pit.
  • Luminous and easy to clean pit side walls.
  • A water collector at the bottom of the pit equipped with a pump.
  • A non-slip floor.

Our turnkey solution allows you to free yourself from all constraints and feasibility research. A single appointment on site is enough for us to make the plans of your future pit without having to meet again.