High-end lifting solutions for your workshop

A real expertise in the supply of lifting equipment

There is a multitude of manufacturers and resellers of lifting tools in France and in Europe. So much so, that it is often difficult to make the right choice to find quality products, really adapted to your needs and available. 

We work directly with several manufacturers, and have a very good knowledge of the automotive market, its actors and the solutions available for our customers.

In order to provide you with efficient tools, we will accompany you by adapting our solutions to your needs by making you benefit from our network and our experience.

Lifting solutions adapted to your work environment and your needs.

Our manufacturer's catalogue allows us to offer you a complete and unlimited range of lifting solutions for heavy vehicles. There is no limit because, in particular for pit edge jacks, we can make custom-made solutions with our manufacturer.

You can ask us for all your needs of lifting in pit (pit edge jack, pit bottom jacks and lifting crossbar), for the supply of lifting elevators and mobile columns.

We also supply and install the most efficient drum bridge range on the market. We have adapted the unique installation method of our prefabricated pits (top installation process considerably reducing civil works) to ensure a perfect installation at a lower cost of this range of top-of-the-range embedded jacks.

Contact us to discuss your needs.