Garage safety pit covers

Our solutions to protect your maintenance pits against the risks of falling

How to secure your garage pit and which pit protection system to choose.

Flexible or rigid pit cover? Pit protection net, PVC tarp or aluminium blade? Manual or motorised system? Fixed or retractable guardrail? A steel pit curtain, bastings, or gratings? You have many solutions to protect and close your pit, which avoid all risks of falls and other work accidents in your workshop... however, few safety systems are really effective!

Xpertive will help you choose choisir the pit protection that best suits your needs and your budget.

Securing your workshop pit? Much more than a simple recommendation!

In its role of prevention of professional risks , the NIRS (National Institute for Research and Safety), through the recommendations R468 and R469 strongly recommends the installation of a pit protection device to prevent any risk of falling from height..

This recommendation is of course valid for the construction of a new garage pit, but also for the compliance of all existing maintenance pits.

All existing pits or pits under construction must be equipped with a reliable and efficient closing system.

We would like to point out that this is more than just a recommendation, because the absence of an effective and compliant protective device can lead to serious accidents and also to serious legal and financial consequences for you and your company. (Depends on countries)

Our specialty: The securing of all inspection pits

Our core business is to design and install fully equipped prefabricated steel garage pits. In order to secure our pits and bring them up to standard, we have acquired a thorough knowledge of all the existing pit covering systems, we have tested most of them and made a pit with the most efficient ones.

Our experience of maintenance pits and their securing has allowed us to identify and correct several protection problems such as :
- Totally ineffective and dangerous curtains.
- Self-certified CE, not meeting the 2006/42/CE machine directive.
- Too noisy.
- Difficult to set up and too restrictive.


We only offer pit covers that are standardised and certified by independent organisations, ensuring you safety, work comfort and productivity.

Our workshop pit covers are all CE certified, validated by the APAVE and conform to the recommendations of the NIRS (National Institute for Research and Safety).

Our motorised and manual aluminium curtains comply with the 2006/42/CE machine directive. The extruded aluminium blades are cut to measure according to the width of your pit and installed with a minimum clearance of 4 mm between the edge of your pit and the edge of the blade, avoiding any risk of pinching.

protection de fosse directive machine

Design, manufacture and installation of the most efficient garage pit covers on the market.

Our team is made up of dedicated design office technicians, project managers specialising in pits and their equipment, experienced multi-skilled installers to ensure that your workshop pit protection project is carried out perfectly.

We operate all over the world to secure and upgrade your existing pit or your workshop under construction..

For existing pits and for your comfort, we can even manage your civil engineering work (cutting of corbels, creation of a storage area for your covering system, breaking and replacement of stairs, etc...).

This gives you the assurance of having a perfect pit closure system to effectively secure your workshop.