Economical PVC garage pit cover

PVC garage pit cover: An economical solution to secure your workshop

Pour la mise aux normes et la sécurisation des fosses de garage, nous avons développé et breveté une couverture de fosse d’atelier conçu avec de la bâche PVC 650 g/m2 et des tubes en acier équipés de roulement à billes. L’objectif est de vous offrir un dispositif anti chute de hauteur simple, efficace et économique pour mettre aux normes votre fosse d’atelier.

Our PVC pit covers are manufactured in France, in our workshops located near Lyon. 

rideau de fosse de garage conforme réglementation R468 R469

Easy to use cover pit

Much more practical and secure than the installation of pit protection nets , simpler, faster and especially less heavy to set up than gratings ou or bastings , our PVC pit covers open and close simply and quickly using a strap that you pull as you move along your workshop pit.

The cover is very light and slides along your angle iron very easily. You avoid any risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and, without constraint of installation, your pit will be easily secured to avoid any risk of fall.

couverture de fosse pvc low cost

How to set up your pit cover?

To open the pit cover, simply release the clamps and pull the cover effortlessly with the strap to the end of the pit.

The cover will be stored under a cover plate which guarantees the safety and cleanliness of your equipment.

To close your pit protection, simply position your 3 straps on the retractable pins that we will have installed in front of your pit and put in tension with the help of the tightening ratchets.

It will take you only a few seconds to open and close your pit. Securing your pit will no longer be a chore. 

A fall protection adapted to all types of pits


For the installation of your flexible pit cover , we design custom-made profiles, serving as a guide rail, to make the pit cover slide effortlessly along the pit edge angle. We can therefore adapt just as well to your pit under construction as to your existing pit.

This anti-drop device is particularly suitable for washing pits. 

We adapt our U-profiles of our angles to the dimensions of your pit, we weld them and install your anti-fall device in less than 48 hours.

soudure chemin de roulement pour rideau de fosse en aluminium

Patented pit cover, EC certified by APAVE APAVE and conforming to safety standards

Our pit protection system has passed the the 50 kg bag resistance test as part of the CE certification by APAVE (A French group specialized in the fields of assistance, support to professionals of all types and professional training, among others in the fields of industry and environmental analysis). This certification, awarded by an independent organisation, guarantees you perfect conformity with the recommendations R468 & R469 of the INRS requested by the work inspection and the CARSAT.


test sac 50 kg Apave
couverture de fosse de garage CE APAVE
rideau de fosse brevet à l'inpi

New : Install your own pit cover

To reduce the cost of bringing your pit up to standard as much as possible, we offer a ‘supply only’ options for you to install your pit cover yourself.

With your order we will send you a full installation kit and instructions.

>> What skills are needed to install our PVC Cover? The process is very simple, you just need a little DIY skill and know how to weld!

Pour mettre votre fosse d’entretien aux normes et éviter les risques de chute en fosse à moindre coût, contactez nous en remplissant notre formulaire de contact ou nous contactant par téléphone.


sécuriser fosse d'atelier normes carat
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